Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our own effort, inspired by nature’s “Wise” creation, is based on the faithful application of our knowledge of new scientific research and the use of modern technological processes combined with the traditional knowledge and techniques that we inherited from our Greek ancestors for the successful cultivation of olive trees. This delicate balance between the old and the new, allows us to achieve and ensure the production of the exceptional quality Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Olive Oil and Healthy Living

Greece has the No. 1 position in per capita consumption in the world. This is an interesting fact because medical research studies show that countries where olive oil consumption is high, and in Greece, specifically, people have fewer cardiovascular problems compared to any other in the world where the consumption of other, less healthy fats is high and nutritional habits are poor.

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Ancient Greece and the History of Olive Oil

The history of the olive and olive oil is a rich history that spans back many thousands of years, beginning with the history of the ancient Greek culture, with which it is as intimately connected, as is its association with the health of a person and the Science of Medicine, the father of which was the Ancient Greek scholar and doctor, Hippocrates.

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High Production Standards

To guarantee that a superior quality olive oil is brought to market, Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the strictest standards and regulation specifications that are required by both the Greek government and the European Union.

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Greece and the Natural Production of Olive Oil

Greece has been traditionally known for the superior quality and taste of its olives and olive oil. It is a country that produces over 450,000 tons of olive oil annually, more than 80% of which is extra-virgin olive oil, the best type of olive oil in the world.

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