Olive Oil and Healthy Living

Greece has the No. 1 position in per capita consumption in the world.  This is an interesting fact because medical research studies show that countries where olive oil consumption is high, and in Greece, specifically, people have fewer cardiovascular problems compared to any other in the world where the consumption of other, less healthy fats is high and nutritional habits are poor.

Due to this, most large-scale, scientific research studies on olive oil have focused on the olives and the olive oil of Greece.

Given that studies have shown that Olive oil and health are positively associated, in contrast to other fats that have been deemed harmful and may cause irreparable damage to our health, Olive oil is thus not only a tasty substance that adds dietary satisfaction and enjoyment to our meals; it is a fundamental nutritional component with powerful antioxidant effects and health benefits that protects the human organism from various illnesses.

Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, being an Olive oil of superior quality, aids human health in the manner confirmed by researchers of the medical community, including:

1.      It may be a potential factor in the strengthening of the human immune system and the resistance to serious illnesses, including cancer.

2.      It protects against heart attacks and cardiovascular disease by assisting in the cleansing of the arteries of the heart, it lowers bad cholesterol levels (LDL) without affecting good cholesterol (HDL), and contributes to the maintenance of healthy levels of blood sugar in the body.

3.      It helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers and of the duodenum.

4.      It positively impacts the growth of our nervous system, the most important system of the human body.

5.      It revives human cells and may slow the ageing process.

6.      It helps to cure many skin diseases and protects from harmful sunburns, as well as from the spread of eczemas.

7.      It has beneficial effects on many important human organs, including the liver, gall bladder and the pancreas.

8.      It helps boost metabolism and facilitates weight loss when consumed as part of a nutritious diet consisting of healthful fruits and vegetables.

All of these beneficial effects are attributed to the fact that Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and, Hippocarates Extra Virgin Olive Oil, contains a combination of 30-40 different antioxidants that are naturally preserved during the pressing process.  For example:

Phenolic compounds and Tocopherols help to reduce heart disease

Monounsaturated Oleic Acid may help boost memory and may be responsible for the blood pressure reducing effects of olive oil

Squalene and other sterols, as well as Carotenoids, may prevent the formation of other free radicals that cause cell destruction in the human body, thereby helping to preserve healthy, youthful skin and a harmonious body

All of these natural elements are why, today, it is used by leading pharmaceutical industries worldwide for the production of many medicines and cosmetics.

Given these research findings, it is no wonder why the olive and olive oil in Antiquity were a symbol of Health, Purity, Wisdom, Victory, Success, Peace, Rejuvenation and Happiness.

In addition to the many health benefits, its intense aroma was also connected to the enjoyment and satisfaction that arouses one’s senses, and that makes our food exceptionally tasty, rendering the dining experience an ultimate source of pleasure for all people.


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