High Production Standards

To guarantee that a superior quality olive oil is brought to market, Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the strictest standards and regulation specifications that are required by both the Greek government and the European Union.

This, coupled with the use of advanced technological methods and processes to collect the fruit of the olives, ensures that only the purest and finest juice of the olive is distilled.

Significant in the production of Pure Greek olive oil and particularly for Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is that there are no chemical interventions.  Chemical fertilizers are never used, only 100% natural fertilizers that are found in the soil of Greek olive groves, which come from animals and the leaves of trees.

Equally important in preserving the natural quality of Greek olive oil is the manner in which the olive oil, and Hippocrates Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in particular, is derived.  The olives are collected by hand, cleaned by pure water and by cold pressing, the olives are crushed so that the oil is extracted from the olive pulp.

These traditional methods, used by Greeks since Antiquity, have been preserved and are used today to produce premium quality olive oil, without refining or chemical additives.  The result is a natural, deliciously tasting olive oil.

This is precisely why Hippocarates Greek Extra Virgin olive Oil proudly holds the production seal of an exceptional product naturally harvested from the fruits of the “Holy Olive” of Ancient and Modern Greece.


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