Greece and the Natural Production of Olive Oil

Greece has been traditionally known for the superior quality and taste of its olives and olive oil. It is a country that produces over 450,000 tons of olive oil annually, more than 80% of which is extra-virgin olive oil, the best type of olive oil in the world. 

As is well known, the olive tree constitutes an integral part of Greek flora.  In fact, over 60% of Greece’s cultivated land is dedicated to olive growing, and Greece is both the leading producer of black olives and grows more types of olives than any other country worldwide.

Olive trees are cultivated in various regions of Greece, including Peloponnese, Central Greece (Sterea Hellas), as well as the Greek Islands, such as Crete, which is credited for the first cultivation of the olive tree in the world, around 3500 B.C., during the early Minoan Era.  Hippocrates, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, originates from these historically traditional olive producing regions of Greece.

The superior quality of Greek olive oil is attributed to various factors, including exceptional ground and climatic conditions, that make Greece an ideal natural environment for the local cultivation and growth of olive trees and olive oil.  Specifically, Greece is blessed with both excellent soil and a dry climate, both of which harmoniously ensure the growth of olive trees and the production of finer, healthful olive oil.

The climate, especially, has a direct beneficial effect on the production process of Greek olive oil, as the country’s limited water supply means that the watering of olive groves takes place only via the supply of nature’s rain. The natural water that the olive trees accept, of course, positively impacts the growth of the olive fruit and the production of exceptional quality olive oil, albeit, at the expense of abundant quantities.

Such production is not possible in countries where the ground and climatic conditions are not conducive to the production of superior quality olive oil.    Particularly in the production regions of Hippocrates Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, due to the drought, by the time the olives ripen, all excess waters have been naturally drained and only the pure, condensed juice remains, resulting in better quality, better tasting olive oil.


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